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Netflix Enters The Virtual Zone

The Daydream App Netflix is rocketing into the future. By marketing the Daydream App, it propels itself high above its original business world of renting DVDs. Young people can’t possibly remember Blockbuster Video, which rented movies [...]

2017 Netflix Movies and TV Shows

Netflix is king of the streaming television landscape, holding an edge in the minds of consumers over such competitors as Hulu and Amazon. In 2017, Netflix’s status is expected to remain as the network is coming [...]

Netflix signs new show with Will Arnett

Will Arnett will be staring in the newest Netflix Original comedy, “Flaked,” airing in 2016, announced Netflix on Monday. Arnett’s character, Chip, is a self-proclaimed guru—a recovery alcoholic, who falls in love with the object of [...]

Marriott Considers Offering Netflix in Hotel Rooms

The popular, global hotel-chain, Marriott International, is center stage in the lime light for a new controversial measure recently imposed on their guests. Patrons who frequent the hotels many locations are being denied access to personal [...]

The Easiest Way to Stream Videos to Your TV

You probably already know that there’s a way to stream videos and movies on your TV. But which streaming method works the best? Using a PS3 Media Server app and the right hardware can let you [...]

Netflix Should Use Amazon’s Template

For service-based companies like Netflix, expanding the subscriber base is more important than increasing immediate revenues. By most metrics, 2013 has been a great success for Netflix. To date, its stock is up 178 percent, which [...]