Movie Trailers — 22 March 2015

In Blackhat we find Nicholas Hathaway, a computer hacker that is promised his freedom if he agrees to help the Chinese and American authorities find an elusive criminal in cyber space. This Universal Pictures film is rated R and directed by Michael Mann. Released in January of 2015, the cast includes Chris Hemsworth, Viola Davis, and Wei Tang. This Netflix story begins when a Hong Kong nuclear plant’s coolant pumps explode. Soon after, the Mercantile Trade Exchange is hacked. Authorites discover the two incidents are caused by the same Remote Access Tool. One of the agents on the case reveals that he wrote RAT with his college roommate, Nicholas Hathaway. Hathaway is serving time for computer hacking. His sentence is dropped in exchange for his help.

Along with the help of Agent Lien, who is told to look after Hathaway, he discovers the ex-convict James Lozano recently resigned from the computer systems department. When they go to his home, they find him dead. Posing as Lozano they go to a meeting at a Korean Restaurant where Hathaway ends up in a brawl with three Korean men in one of the movies many action packed scenes.

The duo’s adventures take them to Hong Kong as they narrow down the suspects. It’s eventually discovered that the attack on the nuclear plant was a rehearsal of a much bigger plan involving several Malaysian tin mines. These attacks would give the hacker an opportunity to make a fortune in the tin trading market. Due to many of Hathaway’s tactics, he is summoned back to prison which is made even more complicated by the budding romance between him and Lien. Blackhat is filled with twists and turns as well as plenty of action that leads the audience to a surprise ending.


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