Movie Trailers — 20 December 2016

Not all holiday movies have to give you the warm fuzzies and end with damp eyes, and every once in a while an off-color humorous holiday movie makes the cut for guilty fun. If you loved Bad Santa, get ready. The cast of ne’er do wells returns again for holiday hi-jinxs in Bad Santa 2.

Santa Clause himself should be the first name on the naughty list once again in the sequel to the 2003 original film, Bad Santa. You can’t help but laugh once again as the hard drinking, smoking, potty-mouthed Santa, played by Billy Bob Thornton, breaks all the rules for being the jolly red fellow who is responsible for making Christmas the highlight of the year for children everywhere. Bad Santa 2 offers one good reason to turn away from the feel-good family movies on Netflix for the holidays and enjoy a few guilty laughs.

He has plenty of help when it comes to trouble and Marcus, Santa’s equally naughty helper, played by Tony Cox, makes an appearance once again for Bad Santa 2. Two bad attitudes together mean the mood will be anything but jolly. Kathy Bates, hits a home run as Billy Bob’s mother, who is just as nasty as her son. She re-joins two of the nastiest characters in a Christmas movie as they plan to rob a charity in Chicago during its Christmas Eve celebration. Santa isn’t sure he can go all the way through with the robbery though, once he falls in love with the director of the charity, played by Christina Hendricks. Mark Waters directs this fun comedy that is sure to be added to the list of holiday favorites.

This year there is even more reason to love the holidays. Bad Santa 2 will give you plenty to laugh about.


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